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  • Testing ground, global challenges

  • The challenging delta has formed our solution driven mentality

  • Realising impactful contributions

  • Real-life testing ground

  • etc..

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  • Proeftuin voor de wereld

  • De uitdagingen van de delta hebben gezorgd voor onze oplossingsgerichte mentaliteit

  • Het leveren van impactvolle bijdragen

  • etc.

Testing ground, global challenges

This delta region, in the western part of the Netherlands is at home in the world. Acting as a testing ground for global challenges, we are committed to coming up with purposeful contributions to the problems the earth faces. We are focused on sharing pragmatic solutions through international collaboration. This delta works. For the world.

The challenging delta has formed our solution driven mentality

For centuries the delta area has faced the threat of the nearby sea and the many people living on this small area of land have learned to cope with the perils of the delta. It’s this adversity that has created the local character, shaping the way that we think and act. A particular attitude is native to the region; we’re always eager to find new solutions by seeking answers across several sectors and clusters. Take our technological solutions for dike construction and dredging. Crossovers come naturally to us, and our experience as a real life testing ground has given us know-how to share with metropolitan areas facing similar challenges. We are the gateway to Europe and open to the world.

Realising impactful contributions

Based on centuries of experience in our own delta, we are uniquely equipped – and very much willing – to share knowledge on water, logistics, food, and other vital topics. We focus on realising impactful contributions to making the world safer, more resilient and a better place to live. This delta works. For the world.

Connect name of your city with the strength of the region

When you choose [__name of your city___] as your business location, you get all the advantages of a unique delta region in the western part of the Netherlands, centred on the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague, strategically located at the gateway to Europe and within a stone’s throw of Brussels, the EU’s administrative heart.

Real-life testing ground

The region, centred on the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague, is a 24/7 real-life testing ground. Our unique position comes with a responsibility: to develop and share knowledge and products that benefit the entire world. Our innovations serve global goals. We share expertise and connect with other cities, regions and countries around the world, with the purpose of contributing to a pleasant, safe and flourishing Planet Earth.

Entrepreneurial spirit

The Rotterdam The Hague metropolitan region – a compact area in the urbanised delta containing no fewer than 60 municipalities, 3 universities, and a strong business community with a truly entrepreneurial spirit – offers an appealing location for innovation and investment.

Unique mix of cities and expertise

Rotterdam and The Hague are the best-known cities in the region, but they are by no means the only ones. The Rotterdam The Hague metropolitan region boasts a mix of cities with unique expertise: the city of Dordrecht is renowned for its maritime cluster; Delft for its University of Technology; Boskoop for its tree nurseries; Westland for its highly innovative greenhouses; Leiden for life sciences. And there’s much, much more. Crossovers within the region often result in unique innovations, which we are proud to share with the world.

Solution focused approach, part of our DNA

It’s no coincidence that the region’s residents have a long history of coming up with purposeful solutions. And it wasn’t a choice – to survive the ever-present threat posed by water, being innovative was simply essential. No wonder this solution-focused approach is now part of our DNA. Our practical attitude is evident across a range of economic sectors. Whether in the field of Peace & Justice (International Court of Justice in The Hague), delta management (Delft University of Technology), maritime clusters (Dordrecht), logistics (Rotterdam), life sciences (Leiden), or any of the numerous and valuable crossovers between these fields of expertise, we see it as our duty to share our experience-based knowledge with the world. Our delta region offers fertile ground for investment.

Our connections within the region lead to connections with the world

The region offers density and proximity: with so much quality in a compact area, you’ll find everything you need close by. The impressive knowledge and experience in the region has enabled us to come up with some breakthrough solutions to pressing problems. The multiple connections and crossovers within our region lead to innovations that we share with the world: sustainable greenhouses, new ways of flood prevention, ground-breaking 3D printing development, and more. Our connections within the region lead to connections with the world. This international entrepreneurial ambiance offers great opportunities for doing business.

Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals

Partners in the Rotterdam The Hague metropolitan region are always eager to find purposeful solutions for major challenges in far-flung places, based on our extensive experience in our own delta region. We are strongly committed to working towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Contributing to solving major challenges. We are home to creative minds such as architects and designers, who realise projects all over the world.

Unique mix of strong partners

The mix of creativity and hard work, of economists and scientists, of young talent and experienced entrepreneurs, leads to purposeful solutions. The strong partners in the region are actually its greatest strength.

How to connect your city/organization with the region

[____name of your city/organisation_____] is located in the Rotterdam The Hague metropolitan region. This region is a unique delta located in the western part of the Netherlands. A delta that works. For the world.

[_____name of your city/organisation_____] is located in the province of Zuid-Holland, which is a unique delta region in the western part of the Netherlands.

[_____name of your city/organisation_____] is located in a unique delta region in the western part of the Netherlands.

The elevator pitch in less than 300 words

Our planet is faced with numerous challenges. To answer them effectively, we need to join forces and exchange our expertise. Who better to take the lead than a region that has been transforming challenges into opportunities for centuries? A region that can offer proven solutions to be shared with the world. Take the highly-urbanised delta region in the western part of the Netherlands, centred on the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague. For hundreds of years, this unique delta has managed to fend off both river and sea. By responding to challenges with effective solutions, we have become a hotbed for collaboration and innovation. A real-life testing ground that inspires metropolitan areas across the globe.

We believe our solution-driven mentality can help address the various issues affecting humanity, not least those concerning water, food and energy. Our region’s hands-on attitude is evident across all economic sectors. Valuable crossovers have blossomed between different fields of expertise, boosting innovation and economic growth. Innovations that we nurture at home and share with the world.

Now, we’re inviting you to join us. So, what do we have to offer?
- A close-knit network of cities, which host internationally renowned universities, knowledge institutes and forward-thinking companies.
- An international, entrepreneurial culture that offers great opportunities for business and a high quality of life.

This winning combination results in a fertile ground for investment. We are the gateway to Europe and are open to the world.
If you are triggered by our ambition and are eager to connect, we invite you to join an inspiring community for doing business and creating positive change. This delta region works, at home and across the planet.

The why, how, what of our region


We are committed to making purposeful contributions towards solving the major challenges facing Planet Earth. This delta works … for the world. We believe in sharing solutions. In addition, by doing good and doing business we contribute to the welfare and wellbeing of our own region, as well as to the people who live and work in it. The delta has challenged our region for centuries. As a result we have developed considerable expertise in finding solutions to problems in water management, food production, logistics, and of course urban development in general. We share these solutions with other metropolitan regions around the world.


Thanks to our centuries of experience, we know deltas inside out and are familiar with the challenges and opportunities they present. Our delta region serves as a real-life testing ground. Finding solutions through collaboration is in our DNA; we’re always eager to make connections within the region and with the wider world. We collaborate across borders to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the world today. Our region hosts many great companies, knowledge institutions and talented, dedicated people. The cross-fertilisation between them enables us to come with innovative solutions. We invent, we test, we develop – and we deliver.


Our delta region in the western part of the Netherlands provides fertile ground for business and investment. The area is home to internationally renowned universities and knowledge institutions. The region offers close proximity, high density, good accessibility: a great deal of high-quality knowledge in a small geographical area. Our logistics facilities are respected around the world. The delta region boasts several strong clusters and ground-breaking expertise in the fields of food, health, maritime & logistics, water management, security, and smart industry. With so many big players together in one location, connecting with our region means connecting with the world.