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Our planet is faced with numerous challenges. To answer them effectively, we need to join forces and exchange our expertise. Who better to take the lead than a region that has been transforming challenges into opportunities for centuries? A region that can offer proven solutions to be shared with the world. Take the highly-urbanised delta region in the western part of the Netherlands, centred on the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague. For hundreds of years, this unique delta has managed to fend off both river and sea. By responding to challenges with effective solutions, we have become a hotbed for collaboration and innovation. A real-life testing ground that inspires metropolitan areas across the globe.

We believe our solution-driven mentality can help address the various issues affecting humanity, not least those concerning water, food and energy. Our region’s hands-on attitude is evident across all economic sectors. Valuable crossovers have blossomed between different fields of expertise, boosting innovation and economic growth. Innovations that we nurture at home and share with the world.

Now, we’re inviting you to join us. So, what do we have to offer?
- A close-knit network of cities, which host internationally renowned universities, knowledge institutes and forward-thinking companies.
- An international, entrepreneurial culture that offers great opportunities for business and a high quality of life.

This winning combination results in a fertile ground for investment. We are the gateway to Europe and are open to the world.
If you are triggered by our ambition and are eager to connect, we invite you to join an inspiring community for doing business and creating positive change. This delta region works, at home and across the planet.

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